who am i?

My name is Joshua Diaddigo, and I am a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My major is Computer Science and I love it.

what do i do?

I generally spend my time creating things. Nothing gets me more excited than turning an idea into a reality. (You can see what I've been up to recently on my projects page.) In addition to my personal technological endeavors, I have also been a Teaching Assistant for the College of Computing at Georgia Tech since my freshman year.

what experience do i have?

I got my first computer when I was 12 years old and immediately fell in love with it. I picked up web design shortly thereafter, and by my sixteenth birthday I was hired by PeachMac (now Simply Mac) where I became what was likely the youngest certified Apple Product Professional in the world. In the Summer of 2014, I interned with Tipping Point Gaming where I personally took charge of the development of a game that will soon be distributed to 40% of the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. I spent the Summer of 2015 in Chicago with kCura as a software engineering intern where I worked in the processing vertical of their eDiscovery platform. That's the highlight reel, but you can definitely check out my resume for a more in depth timeline, or contact me if you have any questions.

what are my goals?

I would love to own my own company and be best friends with Taylor Swift, but I would settle for a really cool internship.

do i ever wear cargo shorts?


what's up?

email: joshua@diaddigo.com
phone: 770.377.4047

How can I improve?

Feel free to leave the contact info empty if you wish to remain anonymous.



personal projects
cs1301.com is a study tool that I built for my students at Georgia Tech. Previous exam questions are searchable by topic and able to be answered and checked without ever leaving the browser. This not only includes multiple choice and code reading questions, but code writing questions as well. For the code writing portions, I am using a javascript-based Python interpreter to check solutions client-side in addition to CodeMirror to keep the writing environment clean. Feel free to check it out, as the site is open to everyone.
Crunchy Munchy
Crunchy Munchy is a server I configured that hosts all of my personal data (virtual machines, media and archives). I've also built a secure outward facing upload page to allow others to send me files quickly and efficiently (jsh.cm). One of the challenges with Crunchy Munchy is that it resides on a dynamic IP address. My solution for this was to build an app which keeps track of the latest location of the server and simplifies the connection process. When I have an unusual amount of downtime, I tweak my Twitter bot that is powered by Crunchy Munchy.
Chewy Byte
Chewy Byte is the most recent addition to my server family. He's in charge of backing up my data hourly even when I'm on another network. That's pretty much all he does. He can usually be found in weird ports and other hipster places.
r.uffl.es is the shared host that I use to for all of my sites including this one, dotjoshua.com (the home of CMS.joshua and my Twitter bot), sphere.is (a site that utilizes CMS.joshua) and many others. r.uffl.es has his own phone number (770.691.2047) which he uses to keep me up to date with what's going on (he sends random Plato quotes to strangers sometimes too). I can also send him photos and he'll send me a corresponding link. Referring to my servers as people is one of the nerdier things I do.
CMS.joshua is a fully functional content management system for blogging. It includes an HTML editor, an image manager, a customizable interface and Twitter integration.

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